A Few Days Before The UPCAT

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Days Before The UPCAT

In just a few days, you will be taking the most competitive entrance test in the country. The question is, “Are you still studying?”

I’ll bet you’ll agree that studying a few days before the UPCAT is counterproductive. Cramming for the UPCAT is bad.

In the coming days, here are the things I suggest that you should do:

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1. Strengthen your basics and reduce careless errors

Since majority of the questions in the UPCAT is basic knowledge, you should polish it as best as you can. As the test draws near, my recommendation is for you to answer a few basic questions once in a while.

Try doing this exercise: You can think of a topic then think about how you will answer the questions related to that topic. Here’s an illustration. The topic that you have in mind is factoring polynomials. Related to it are getting the GCF, using FOIL and trial and error, special products, etc. Think of questions that might be asked from that topic and answer them.

Studying advanced topics now will do you no good. It’s like a marathon runner who trains on the day before race day.

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2. Improve your recall

Having all the knowledge and not being able to recall that knowledge during the test will spell disaster for your UPCAT.

Do recall exercises such as making a list of formula and equations, recalling your activities for the day in reverse and creating a shopping list and recalling it without the list.

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3. Have a mental note of the best test-taking strategies

You’ve heard a lot of tips for the UPCAT. You even probably attended an event which focused on these tips. However, you might be experiencing information overload because of all these tips and strategies coming from different sources.

Take note of the best strategies that you learned while preparing for the test. Focus on a few tips that you know will benefit you. You don’t have to do every strategy that you heard. Just pick a few ones that you are most comfortable with.

If you are doubtful about a tip, just ask us on our FB page.


4. Sustain your confidence

You have prepared well for the UPCAT. You practiced, you studied, you got yourself informed. So there’s really no need worry.

Just be confident that you can make it.


5. Pray and meditate

Having a clear mind and asking for divine intervention will surely help. You may be alone as you take the test but you are not.


6. Rest and relax

The UPCAT is about 5 hours. It’s a test of endurance. You’ll need all the rest that you could get so don’t tire yourself the day before the test. Get ample sleep, relax your mind and body and be fully aware that you have prepared for this life event.

We have a few suggested activities that you can do the day before the test.

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Ian EscamosA Few Days Before The UPCAT