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Violy Quintana
“In my last 35 years of conducting UPCAT Reviews, there are certain things I noticed. The UPCAT changes every single year but the techniques for passing remains constant. The workshop will teach you these techniques, some you may already know, while others may seem new to you.”

Prof. Violy V. Quintana
UPCAT Reviewer for 35 years
Former Member, UP Testing Committee, 1975
Speaker, 37 Proven Tips Workshop

Stop for a moment and ask yourself (yes, actually ASK yourself) these 3 important questions…

  • Am I prepared to take the UPCAT?
  • Am I confident that I would pass the UPCAT?
  • Will I qualify to my first choice campus and first choice course?
If your answer to these questions is anything other than a heartfelt YES, then it’s time for you to read on and discover how to use the same principles that Prof. Quintana used to teach successful UPCAT takers in the past!

Imagine for a moment that you unlocked the secrets to UPCAT

and are finally inside the testing center…

  • Maybe you’re too excited to finish the test and can’t wait for the UPCAT results 4 months from now
  • Maybe you’ve noticed how nervous and frantic your co-UPCAT takers while you seem so relaxed and confident
  • Perhaps you’re able to answer each and every item with very few uncertainties knowing very well that you’ve maximized your UPCAT score
  • Maybe you find most of the items easy because everything you need to retrieve from your brain just comes out naturally
  • Perhaps you have encountered a difficult item but still find a way to get the correct answer
  • Or maybe that you always get extra time to review and go back to the items despite the fact that UPCAT is time-pressured
  • Maybe you finally tell yourself that UPCAT is really easier than your periodical exams in school
  • Imagine for a moment that your new-found secrets naturally attracts to you the UPCAT success you desire and deserve

You can now discover the secrets to creating all this and more at..

One exciting, fun-filled, information packed, life-changing day

Although this event is for anyone who would take the UPCAT on the third weekend of August, it’s particularly relevant for those who have the desire and determination to make it to UP.

This event alone will decrease your test anxiety by increasing your overall knowledge of the UPCAT.

If you feel ready to discover exactly how to pass UPCAT the Sure Way, we invite you to join us at this powerful 1 day event.

Here are the workshop schedules:


August 10, 2014 (Sunday), 1:00-5:00pm
SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia
Speakers: Prof. Violeta Quintana, Ron Untivero and Engr. Neb Perez

Naga City

August 2 (Saturday), 1:00-5:00pm
Villa Caceres Hotel
Speakers: Ian Escamos and Consortia Paita

Laoag City

August 3 (Sunday), 1:00-5:00pm
DepEd Ilocos Norte
Speakers: Engr. Neb Perez

Iloilo City

August 10 (Sunday), 1:00-5:00pm
St. Joseph School
Speakers: Ian Cortez and Abigail Angelia

This 4-hour seminar workshop consists of 37 savvy tips and tricks on how to pass UPCAT and other college entrance examinations. It has different activities that are highly interactive so that you, students could put these tips into practice.

Getting prepared for the UPCAT is intimidating. Perhaps most of you have prepared thoroughly by reviewing the coverage of the UPCAT – Mathematics, Science, Reading Comprehension and Language Proficiency. If so, you are at least halfway of the journey.

Attending this seminar-workshop completes your preparation.

In the workshop, you will not only learn how to boost your confidence and totally eliminate test anxiety, but also how to increase your IQ and be emotionally and physically fit so that come UPCAT time, you are 100% focused to ace the test.

You will not just be taught when to use intelligent guessing but also how to guess and pinpoint the exact answer even if you don’t have any idea on how to go about the question.

This workshop would indeed make the UPCAT a lot easier for you

During this information packed event, we will share with you many…

Strategies, Techniques and Tips to Pass UPCAT the Sure Way!

In a nutshell, what will I learn?

The workshop comes with inherent benefits which can be enumerated as under:

  • How to finish the UPCAT on time
  • How to spot and beat trick questions
  • How to improve memory recall
  • How to totally eliminate test anxiety
  • How to increase your IQ in a matter of days
  • How to be physically fit to take the UPCAT
  • How to master multiple choice test-taking
  • How to guess for the right answer
  • How to solve math problems in less than one minute
  • How to pass the UPCAT the Sure Way!

What else will I discover?

The program is designed carefully to provide a hands-on workbook and to equip you with a knowledge bank that would make the UPCAT very, very easy. The modules are as follows:

Module 1: It’s Crunch Time!

  • Mental Toughness Exercise
  • A Glimpse of the UPCAT
  • Two-Week Daily Routine
  • Emotional Preparation
  • The UPCAT Recommended Diet
  • The Psychological Advantage

Module 2: Level Up Your Score

  • The Brain Power
  • The Quick-Fix Solutions
  • The Smart Attack
  • Confidence Boosters
  • The Test-Taking Cycle

Module 3: Inny-Minny-Miny-Moe-No-Moe

  • Genius Techniques for Average Students
  • Systematic Guessing
  • The Psychology of the UPCAT Creators
  • Dealing with Numerical Problems
  • Spotting the Wrong Answers


What people are saying about the 37 Tips seminar:

“I would really recommend it (37 Tips seminar) because it would really help a lot of students who are about to take college entrance exams. The tips are very useful.”


UP Rural High School, UPCAT Passer 2009

“The seminar is a really big help for students like me. The techniques and tips given are new, interesting and reliable.”


Sta. Rosa Science & Technology High School, UPCAT Passer 2009

It was fun, interesting and I really learned a lot.”


Children’s House Montessori School, UPCAT Passer 2011

“I learned essential tips and techniques concerning the proper ways on how to deal with multiple choice exams. I really believe that this seminar can help other students too.”


Philippine Science High School, UPCAT Passer 2009

“Great tips. Excellent speaker. This seminar is simply the best!”


Los Baños National High School, UPCAT Passer 2009

“I would recommend the seminar to other students because it will be useful for preparing them in the right attitude towards taking exams. The speaker was quite impressive and students can relate to him. Good job!”


UP Professor

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We’re looking forward to meeting you and giving you these secrets to achieving your UPCAT Dream!

P.S. So, to quickly recap – you can join hundreds of UPCAT takers from around Philippines at this powerful information packed half-day, discover how to pass UPCAT with ease, apply the 37 Tips and expect your name to be in the Qualifier’s List – valued at over Php2,000 – ALL – for ONLY Php1,500. So join us now before all seats are taken – slots are strictly limited.

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