11 Harsh Realities of the UPCAT You Need to Accept

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The University of the Philippines, with its status as a premiere institution and center of excellence, is not exempted from life’s realities. It’s entrance test, the UPCAT, has its share of quirks and idiosyncrasies. Here are some of them.

1. Traffic on exam day

If you are going to take the test in any of the UP campus, make sure that you are prepared for the traffic. There will be thousands of students flocking to the testing venues so it just translates to a lot of vehicles on the streets.

Agahan ang alis at magbaon ng maraming pasensya.

2. The agony of waiting for the results

You will take the exam in August and get the result by the end of December, even up to January if luck is not on your side.

Chill ka lang, lalabas din yan.

3. You have a better chance of winning a boxing match than passing the UPCAT

Given all things equal, you have a better chance of winning a boxing match than passing the UPCAT. In boxing, you only have one opponent. That’s a 50% chance of winning.

However, for the UPCAT, there will be about 83,000 thousand students who will take the test an only 13,000 will be accepted. That’s an acceptance rate of 15%! That’s about 1 passer out of 7 students.

Suntukan na lang!

4. No IQ, No Entry

It can’t be more blunt that this. If you want to be in UP, you need to have brains. Survey shows that the average IQ of a UP student is about 120.

Kaya sa UPCAT, kalimutan na lahat, ‘wag lang utak!

5. The easiest exam that you will take in UP is the UPCAT

UP students always say that the UPCAT is probably the easiest exam that you will take in UP. Since the coverage of the UPCAT is high school subjects, there could be truth to this statement. As one student progresses through college, things get more difficult every year.

Sabi nga nila… Sa UP, madaling pumasok, mahirap lumabas!

6. Time pressure

The entire UPCAT is about 5 ½ hours. It’s quite long for an exam. Nonetheless, the first hour is allotted to instructions and filling up of forms. Being in the testing venue and waiting for the exam to begin for an hour surely bring lots of thoughts into your mind. Then the exam itself is about 3 ½ to 4 hours long. Eventhough you have lots of exam time, the truth is you might still run out of it, especially in Math and Reading Comprehension. Waiting long and running out of time at the same time… that’s time pressure for you!

Kaya sagot lang nang sagot pag may time!

Review Masters has a workshop on how you can finish the UPCAT on time. Learn more about it here.

7. The long lines during submission of application forms

Why is that most people submit the application forms on the deadline? Can’t people submit the forms earlier?

Sana may Tim Ho Wan at J. Co para sulit ang pagpila.

8. There is no snack break during the exam

The only break that the proctors will give you is to stand up, stretch, then sit down. The good news is you are allowed to eat your snacks at any time during the test. We have tips on how to deal with this situation.

At least pwedeng kumain, di ba?

9. 40% of the UPG is high school grades

Let’s face it: you are already done with the 40% of your UPG. If you have good grades, good for you. If your school is generous, good for you, too. But if it’s otherwise, then you are at a disadvantage. You have to work extra hard on the remaining 60%. You need to maximize your score.

Oo, ganyan talaga… nasa huli ang pagsisisi. Di mo pinagbuti sa eskwela e.

10. Test permits getting delayed

You filed your application form. You passed all the requirements. Now you are waiting for your test permit. It’s only a few days and still your test permit has not yet arrived. If it’s a week before the test and you haven’t gotten your test permit, call the UP Admission Office.

Darating din yan!

11. The easiest thing to do during the UPCAT is to give up.

Just give up, and it will be over.

Yun nga lang, wala nang next time.

Anything else to add? Just write it down on the comments section below.

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Ian Escamos11 Harsh Realities of the UPCAT You Need to Accept