10 Activities You Can Do The Day Before the UPCAT

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Relax before UPCAT
It’s the day before the UPCAT and I’m sure a lot is going on through your mind before the test. These activities will keep your composure checked and your confidence up.

1. Watch a movie

…just avoid horror films as you don’t need the extra stress.


2. Window shop

A good dose of window shopping can always take our mind away from things. This is also useful for the UPCAT. The last thing on your mind the day before the UPCAT is the UPCAT.

Window shopping

3. Go out with friends

This is something you don’t need to be told to do on an ordinary day, but surprisingly, few students would go out with friends the day before the UPCAT. This is mainly because you and your friends are probably studying. That is all the more reason to go out with friends, and as with activity #1 watch a movie.

Window shopping

4. Play games

Remember when you were younger and it was always a good time to play games and you always enjoyed it? Nowadays, playing games usually means Video Games, but to best help you relax, play a few games with your friends or brothers and sisters. Patintero, taguan, Snakes and Ladders, checkers, and other “offline” games will do you good. Video games are an option but avoid high stress games like RPG and shooters.

Play Games

5. Sleep

A good night’s sleep would probably be the hardest thing to achieve the night before the UPCAT, but it’s very important that you are well rested. To get a good night’s sleep the night before the UPACT you have to practice sleeping early for a week. A fair amount of physical exercise such as…


6. Play sports

Sports that are relaxing but gives you good aerobic exercise such as table tennis, badminton, volleyball and the like. Just avoid heavy contact sports to avoid injury.


7. Jog

A good jog would get your heart pumping and get your body ready for a long exam that would not only test your mental capacity but also your endurance. Jogging is always good for your body.


8. Enjoy the company of family

Your best support group is always your family. They can give you insights of what you might encounter during your UPCAT and give you the confidence you need. Careful with this though, your mom might be more anxious about the UPCAT than you are.


9. Prepare your materials

Avoid the rush of preparing your materials on the day of the UPCAT. Preparing your test permit, pencils, ID and snacks the day before the UPCAT would relive you the stress of having to look for them before you leave your house to take the exam.

Test materials

10. Rest and relax!

Basically what we’re saying is to take your mind off the UPCAT. You’ve had enough review and training during your months of preparation. Your brain would benefit more from resting and relaxing the day before the UPCAT.


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Neb Perez10 Activities You Can Do The Day Before the UPCAT